How does the HURST NCLEX® Review differ from other reviews?

  1. We take a step-by-step approach:
  2. Core content (incorporating critical thinking and clinical judgment skills)
  3. NCLEX® testing strategies (We teach NCLEX®-specific testing strategies, not strategies that are universal for the MCAT®, LSAT®, or GRE®)
  4. NCLEX®-style practice exams (2,000 practice questions)
    1. 1,500 Customizer questions for students to practice for NCLEX® mastery
    2. 500 Simulator questions to evaluate student’s preparedness for the NCLEX®
  5. We focus on the students’ understanding of the “why” in relation to causes, signs, and symptoms.
  6. We use multiple teaching strategies to meet the diverse learning styles of our students. This opens up learning pathways to enhance understanding and keep the student engaged.
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