Does Hurst have a product that can be incorporated into the senior level curriculum?

  • Yes, the elevate® course is a companion to the Hurst NCLEX-RN® Review and builds on the students’ understanding of Hurst Review’s core content. Elevate® dramatically improves students’ essential critical thinking and clinical judgment skills for NCLEX® success.
  • The course is presented as pre-recorded seminars during the senior level curriculum or for students to complete independently. Course components are flexible and designed to integrate into any academic calendar and include intense, guided preparation, clinical assignments, interactive critical thinking activities, and practice quizzes from the student’s online account.
  • Research data documenting a 63.83 point increase in comprehensive curriculum test scores and a 10.2 point increase in NCLEX® pass rates is available. (Ryan & Selman (2018), “Evaluating the Impact of National Council Licensure Examination Review Courses Integrated Into Nursing Capstone”, Stephen F. Austin State University.)
  • The Hurst elevate® team works closely with faculty to determine which format best meets the needs of their students. Ask your Regional Director today about this very successful program or contact Hurst Review for more information.
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