How can the student access closed captioning in the video lectures?

All the Hurst Review lecture videos are closed caption to assist with understanding the lecture content and to assist with different learning styles while studying.

The closed caption option is notated by the “CC” icon at the bottom of the screen once a lecture video is activated. Be sure to activate the video first, then click on the CC icon at the lower right side of the screen. Closed caption in English is available for all the lectures and can be turned on or off at any time in the student’s online account.

Are Hurst Review materials ADA/VPAT compliant?

Yes – we are compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)/VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) criteria– ALL of our videos for both RN and PN as well as the Elevate modules are closed caption. This attribute has been there for many years. Students can listen to the audio version of the videos if they prefer as well. We also can adjust the amount of time that students have in taking the Readiness exams/Simulators in their account to accommodate for special timing on testing per their school’s ADA ruling and documentation. This is a feature that has also been in our testing platform for many years.

Can Hurst Review assist my school with Accreditation Standards?

Yes, Hurst Review Services can provide schools with data from elevate® and Q Reviews that will satisfy requirements within the Program Outcomes/Evaluation standards for accreditation defined by CCNE and ACEN. Please contact Hurst Review for further information.

Can I monitor student progress to assure that students complete the program?

  • Yes, this can be done by the student, by faculty through a dashboard “portal,” or both. Students can print or email a certificate verifying their progress of lecture completion. Students may also generate a certificate that indicates how they scored on each Q Review test. These certificates can be printed or emailed.
  • Faculty may monitor their students’ progression through a dashboard portal specific to their school of nursing. If you would like additional information on this special option, contact Hurst Review.

Does Hurst have a product that can be incorporated into the senior level curriculum?

  • Yes, the elevate® course is a companion to the Hurst NCLEX-RN® Review and builds on the students’ understanding of Hurst Review’s core content. Elevate® dramatically improves students’ essential critical thinking and clinical judgment skills for NCLEX® success.
  • The course is presented as pre-recorded seminars during the senior level curriculum or for students to complete independently. Course components are flexible and designed to integrate into any academic calendar and include intense, guided preparation, clinical assignments, interactive critical thinking activities, and practice quizzes from the student’s online account.
  • Research data documenting a 63.83 point increase in comprehensive curriculum test scores and a 10.2 point increase in NCLEX® pass rates is available. (Ryan & Selman (2018), “Evaluating the Impact of National Council Licensure Examination Review Courses Integrated Into Nursing Capstone”, Stephen F. Austin State University.)
  • The Hurst elevate® team works closely with faculty to determine which format best meets the needs of their students. Ask your Regional Director today about this very successful program or contact Hurst Review for more information.

What is the Q Review?

  • The Q Review meets the requests of both students and faculty by offering 1,500 Customizer questions that can be arranged according to Client Needs category or content area. Additionally, 500 Simulator questions have been assigned to four evaluation tests that have equal p-values and resemble the NCLEX®.
  • The questions in both testing banks include all types of NCLEX® style questions, with more than 30% alternate format questions.
  • The Q Review testing system has been analyzed by an independent psychometric solutions company to determine question validity and reliability.

With multiple faculty, how do you ensure quality and accuracy in your reviews?

  • Hurst instructors are registered nurses with at least five years of clinical or educational nursing experience. They are selected through a stepped process including interview, lecture and presentation style assessment, and professional experience.
  • Once applicants are chosen, they participate in our orientation process. They are required to learn all Hurst Live scripted lectures and attend an NCLEX® Boot Camp led by our Faculty Services department.
  • All faculty are subject to onsite evaluations by the Faculty Services department to assure quality assurance.

How does Hurst Review stay current with NCLEX® changes?

  • Hurst attends all NCLEX® invitational conventions and meetings.
  • Hurst stays abreast of any life-threatening protocol changes published by CDC, AHA, Joint Commission, etc.
  • Programs are updated yearly to ensure students and faculty are fully informed.

When should students take the review?

We recommend that students take Hurst Review as they enter the last semester of school or upon graduation. Students should have been exposed to all medical–surgical courses before taking the review.