How Hurst Works

  • Comprehensive NCLEX® Review
  • Provided in live, live stream and online formats
  • Presented by trained Hurst faculty
  • Faculty dashboard for monitoring

Nice, neat, organized and easy to follow plan

Experience Hurst Review

  1. Best Practices

    • Best Practices
    • Unique comprehensive approach to passing NCLEX® the 1st time
    • Before, During, and After study processes to ensure success
    • Primary focus of “must know” core content for enhancing clinical judgment
    • NCLEX® style practice questions and exams to assess readiness to take the NCLEX®
  2. Qbank

    • Qbank
    • 1500 (1000 for PN) NCLEX® style
      questions for practice
    • Selected randomly, by content areas, or Client Need Category
    • Flashcard or Quiz mode in selections of 10, 25, or 50 questions
    • Include all question format types seen on NCLEX®
    • Can be used for final semester study and remediation processes
  3. Resource Library

    • Resource Library
    • Includes Management of Care,  Infection Control, Pediatrics and an extensive Pharmacology folder
    • Information included in NCLEX® test  plan
    • Available for download to device as a printable PDF
    • Accessible before review upon  registration
  4. Must Know Content

    • Must Know Content
    • Begins with Medical-Surgical core content and progresses to Specialty content areas
    • Taught in an integrated format with student book to guide study
    • Provides critical thinking exercises and NCLEX® specific testing strategies
    • Improves clinical judgment skills for test application and safe practice after licensure
  5. Readiness Exams

    • Readiness Exams
    • Provides four 125-item exams based on Client Need Categories and the current NCLEX®
    • Assess students’ readiness to take NCLEX® after completing review and intense study time
    • Contain over 30% alternate format items with p-value of 0.58
    • All 4 exams are psychometrically equivalent and served in random order
    • Statistically evaluated by Alpine Testing Co. with benchmark of an average score of 77/125 on the 4 exams

Everything you need to pass the NCLEX®

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