Viki Hedderick D.Ed., RN       Associate Professor

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Department of Nursing, Assistant Chairperson

I can honestly say that Hurst Review was and is still is an integral part of our NCLEX success. Students rave about how Hurst pulls all the pieces together and highlights the key concepts across the curriculum and lifespan.  I see the excitement in them as the they complete Hurst. For most students, they find Hurst as an affirmation that they are on the right track and doing well. For others, it is a confirmation that more work is necessary to get where they need to be for NCLEX success. The resources the students can access are excellent.

If you noticed above, I stated “relationship” with Hurst vs. contract with Hurst. I used the term relationship, because I am continually impressed with the product, but equally impressed with the people. I feel comfortable reaching out to Morgan to plan our biannual reviews; we have it down to a science now.  I am also blown away by the dedication of our consistent instructor, Mimi Waldman.  We repeatedly request her because our students are so impressed with her knowledge, delivery of content and her approachability. I too have an appreciation for Mimi. . She truly understands the art of teaching and relationships.

So, thank you to the whole Hurst Team for all you do to deliver a great product and maintain strong relationships with your clients. I suspect your organization was turned upside down also with the need for remote delivery, but once again it appears you hit it out of the park. I pray you and your families stay safe. God Bless.