Omosefe Osagie

I am so excited to be writing you all. From the depths of my heart I want to thank you all for the wonderful job you do and did to enable me pass my NCLEX PN exam at the 1st sitting.

I purchased the Hurst now in my final term in nursing school  in November 2019 and that was the end of my struggles to pass. I went from failing and borderline passes to passing confidently. Alas I joined the big league of those who could come out of an exam session with smiles in their heart.

I got to know the basics  of the nursing study and could go from one end of a situation  to the other end, all because I was thought by those lovely faces who came on board the Hurst Now review and taught me with so much humor  and love.

I laughed several times at the jokes and teasings from the instructors everytime I sat to study and even when I no longer had access to it, I could hear their voices as it rang out to me……and so it did happen on April 17th 2020 as I sat to test….a question came on screen and I heard  a voice say” concentrated makes numbers go up and dilute make numbers go down” quickly I chose the correct  number and moved on. I also got another question on that big word “Trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy” and straight away I could discern the answer  and so many others. I finished with 60 questions and got into my car and recalled several other questions I  was able to answer because I used Hurst Now.

I was sad that I didn’t get an extension of my Hurst Now a second time and was tempted to go buy some others being touted…but I remembered the assurance from Aunt Marlene that I had all I needed and with that I read my book  and passed.

Please continue to do your best and hopefully  soon I should be purchasing the RN series. I am sincerely grateful for the improvements your team made to my life…..I am now a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the State  of Texas.