Latera Goodman

Finish Strong

I am screaming with joy!!!!! U guys are the best…. My fourth time taking the nclex RN and thanks to your review I passed!!!!!!! I love u guys so much!!!!! ?????? Thank you a million infinity….my life was depending on this…. I’ve been an RN for 4 years now from the Bahamas and licensed in the Bahamas….I am a international RN and I struggled the first 3 times with the exam…. and I came across your review on facebook….so many of the content from the book was on the exam… My last question was about propranolol and contraindications and one of the options was asthma and I studied that in your review!!! I smiled and the computer shut off… Thank you Hurst I love you!!!!! ??????? I will tell all my Bahamian nurses back home to take your review!!! I was able to think critically because of you… I am In tears I am Soooooooooo happy!!! ??. I just love u guys