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Everything New Graduates need to pass the NCLEX®

  • Flexible with any on-boarding schedule
  • Comprehensive NCLEX® Review
  • Video lectures with online expert support
  • Core content that enhances clinical judgment
  • NCLEX® style questions with all NGN formats

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30+ years of helping over 400,000 nurses pass the NCLEX® nationwide

Guaranteed Success

  • Student workbook with every Review
  • Content-rich with NCLEX® Testing Strategies throughout
  • Readiness exams that mimic the NCLEX®
  • Dashboard to monitor completion and scores
  • Elevate available as a companion product

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  1. Four Week Sample Calendar

    • Four Week Sample Calendar
    • Daily lecture and practice question assignments
    • Study activities and Readiness Test incorporation
    • Assignments can be monitored through Hurst Faculty dashboard
    • Useful as a self-paced guide for new graduates or on-boarding schedule
    • Available for RN and PN programs
  2. Review Schedule Breakdown

    • Review Schedule Breakdown
    • Time frame guide for each video lecture
    • Day to Day suggested schedule
    • Guides facilitation by the on-boarding planner
  3. Hurst Healthcare Now Study Guide

    • Hurst Healthcare Now Study Guide
    • Checklist that visually guides new graduates through the review
    • Structured plan to promote accountability
    • Checkoff format that keeps the new graduate on task
    • Available for both RN and PN
  4. Resource Library

    • Resource Library
    • Pharmacology
    • Infection Control
    • Pediatrics
    • Management of Care and more
  5. Add Elevate

    • Add Elevate
    • Hurst guided study plan that is a companion product to the Hurst NCLEX®-RN Review. This flexible program contains 6 modules including 15 seminars, high level post-tests, study tips and learning activities. These modules were designed to provide students with a plan to ensure confidence in answering difficult alternate format questions and improve clinical judgment skills. Each module requires about five hours to complete and the student has 60 days of access to the elevate resources plus all other Hurst materials.

Everything you need to pass the NCLEX®

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  • Verify ALL content completion
  • Monitor test scores and performance