Best Practices for Hurst Review Integration

Hurst NCLEX-RN® Overview:

Hurst’s Clinical Judgment Approach NCLEX® Review provides students with a unique, proven, comprehensive approach to passing the NCLEX® the first time. Understanding the attributes and the intended use of the Hurst review product will promote overall student success. Hurst Review Services continually conducts research that validates NCLEX® student success. Students who complete the Hurst program in its entirety, as designed, have over a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX-RN® as a first-time taker. Each student receives the following with the purchase of Hurst Live®, Hurst Now® (Online), Hurst N-Stream®, or a Hurst Classroom Video®.

Before the Review at time of registration:

  • 1500 NCLEX® style question bank: This practice question bank, known as the Q Review Customizer, is for student practice of NCLEX® style questions. These questions can be selected by Client Need category, content category, or random pull. The content categories are: Adult Health, Maternity and Newborn, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Pharmacology, Leadership, Pediatrics and Fundamentals.
  • Questions can be served in either flashcard mode or a quiz mode in selections of 10, 25, or 50 questions. Flashcard mode allows the student to view the correct answer and rationale after each question. Quiz mode simulates a test with the correct answers and rationales available at the end of the quiz.
  • Hurst recommends that the Q Review Customizer be utilized by students in the final semester of study to satisfy curriculum practice question requirements.
  • Test items include all format types seen on the NCLEX®.
  • Resource Documents: These documents cover information that is included in the NCLEX® Test Plan and are beneficial for student review. Hurst Review Services strives to be all inclusive for students preparing for the NCLEX®.
    • Resource Document information includes: Management of Care, Infection Control, Pediatrics, and an extensive Pharmacology folder.
    • It is strongly recommended that students utilize the Pharmacology folder as they study each content area in the Hurst NCLEX-RN® Review.
    • Available for study as a printable PDF or online access.

During the Hurst NCLEX® Review:

  • The Hurst NCLEX® Review is available in three formats to accommodate the different learning styles of our students:
    • “Hurst Live®” is an in-person review.
    • “Hurst Now®” is an online, self-paced review.
    • “Hurst N-Stream®” is a live-streaming review.
  • A Hurst student book guides all reviews, as the student must fill in the blanks as the lectures are presented. These notes are the study guide as the student learns the core content.
  • This review of “must know” content for the NCLEX® is taught in an integrated format. The review builds on what has been taught in nursing school and integrates these concepts so that the student can take a small amount of content and apply it to many situations.
  • The program uses critical thinking exercises and NCLEX® specific testing strategies to improve clinical judgment skills and test application. The topics are covered in a specific order, as each lecture is built on previous lecture content.
  • The primary focus of the NCLEX® is application of medical-surgical nursing knowledge. Hurst’s program begins with medical-surgical topics and progresses to specialty content areas.
  • Upon completion of the medical-surgical component of the review, students are provided the flexibility to complete and review the specialty area lectures (Maternity Nursing, Pediatrics, Oncology, and Management of Care) for nine months. Our teaching experience has revealed that student abilities and knowledge levels vary greatly in these specialty areas. This format allows each student to determine the amount of time required to master these lectures.

After the Hurst NCLEX® Review:

Study Component

  • Students are encouraged to study for the NCLEX® an average of 50 to 100 hours after they have completed the Hurst Review program. This intense study time is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the 1500 questions in the Q Review Customizer. The Hurst Elevate program is recommended for students who prefer a structured post-review study plan. (See Elevate® – Additional Products)


  • The Hurst Q Review Simulator is to be utilized when the student has completed the review in its entirety and committed adequate study time to the post-study component, as directed in the “How to Pass” video lecture. The Q Review Simulator provides four 125-item exams that are pulled by Client Need Category according to the current NCLEX® test plan. Each exam contains over 30% alternate format items and have a difficulty level or p-value of 0.58. Hurst statistics reveal that Hurst students who pass the NCLEX® the first-time score an average of 77/125 on the four Q Review Simulator exams.
  • The 4 Q Review Simulator exams are psychometrically equivalent. The Q Review Simulator exams are pulled randomly and the items within each exam are served in random order. This provides additional layers of protection against test piracy and student sharing.

Faculty Features:

Educator Portal – A dashboard for faculty use is provided by Hurst Review Services to encourage student accountability through tracking of their efforts. Documentation of progress can be viewed online or imported to an Excel spread sheet. The Educator Portal offers the following to faculty:

  • Documentation of video progress and test scores to identify high risk students early and assist them toward completion.
  • Assignment follow-up to ensure that students stay on task.
  • Evaluation of student achievement by both individual and class or cohort group performance. Individual records compare student with class performance.

Support Partnership – Hurst Review Services provides a curriculum contact personfor each school that requires the Hurst Review program for their students. This contact person is available to answer questions that faculty may have concerning the incorporation of the Hurst review program.

Additional Hurst Products:

Elevate® – Elevate® is a companion course to the Hurst NCLEX-RN® Review. This guided, intense, study plan was designed to simplify and organize individual study time. It provides students with a proven post-review plan of study. A 60-day Elevate subscription includes:

  • 15 seminars organized into 6 online webinar modules. Completion of each module requires an average of 5-6 hours
  • 6 practice quizzes focusing on priority and high level alternate format NCLEX®- style questions. (25 questions per module)
  • Critical thinking assignments with each module to promote knowledge retention and application
  • Optional clinical judgment assignments for implementation in the clinical setting
  • Nursing support for students through

Elevate® outcomes include:

  • Overall reduction of student test anxiety and improved confidence at exam time
  • Proven increase in NCLEX® pass-rate

Essentials of Acid/Base Balance – The Acid/Base Essentials series is an entry-level nursing school product developed to assist students in mastering the 4 acid/base imbalances and compensation. A 90-day subscription includes:

  • Four interactive video modules- includes printable worksheets, practice problems, and learning activities for the following topic areas:
    • Basic Pathophysiology
    • Respiratory Imbalances
    • Metabolic Imbalances
    • ABG Interpretation and Compensation
  • 60 mastery questions
  • Bonus access to official study sets on Quizlet